İrem Martı



I was born in Istanbul, but then my family moved out and started to live in Bursa, Turkey. I am now 19 years old. I took some English courses during my childhood as I always had some kind of interest in English. I was like a self-employed, I tried my best to flourish my second tongue. I graduated from the BTSO Anatolium High School. I studied foreign language (English) at the highschool (starting from the 3rd year) too. After the graduation, I enrolled in the University of Dumlupınar which is in Kütahya. Now I am a second year student of Translation and Interpreting Department.
It was a really hard journey to keep up. I was tempted to give up, but now I am thanking myself. Being a translator was always my dream, and I achieved it with the supports of my teachers and the beloved ones around me. Thank you.


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