Visual Timeline: Samos

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700 BCE: Settlers from mainland Greece, possibly Samos, settle on Samothrace.
570 BCE - 560 BCE: A large temple is built and dedicated to Hera on Samos.
535 BCE - 522 BCE: Polycrates rules as tyrant of Samos.
525 BCE: Sparta and Corinth unsuccessfully attack Polycrates of Samos.
522 BCE: Persian satrap Oroetus takes Samos and the tyrant Polycrates is crucified.
520 BCE: A new temple is built and dedicated to Hera on Samos during the reign of Polycrates.
494 BCE: Samos is defeated at the battle of Lade.
478 BCE: Samos becomes a member of the Delian League.
440 BCE: Pericles leads the Athenian navy in the seige against Samos
440 BCE: The Greek philosopher Melissus of Samos is active.
407 BCE: Athenian general Alcibiades makes his naval base on Samos.
405 BCE: Athens grants Athenian citizenship to the population of Samos.
366 BCE: Athens regains control of Samos from Sparta.
281 BCE: Samos comes under the control of the Ptolemies of Egypt.
270 BCE: Aristarchus of Samos proposes a heliocentric world view.
246 BCE: A Ptolemaic fleet uses Samos as a permanent base.
205 BCE: Philip V of Macedon take Samos.
197 BCE: Samos comes under the jurisdiction of Rhodes.
188 BCE: Rome gives Samos its independence.
129 BCE: Samos becomes part of the Roman province of Asia.
39 BCE: Mark Antony sacks Samos.
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