Visual Timeline: Palestine

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3500 BCE - 2000 BCE: Nomads settle the region and initiate agriculture during the Early Bronze Age.
2000 BCE - 1550 BCE: Cities develop and trade expands in the region during the Middle Bronze Age. Palestine becomes important trade hub.
1550 BCE - 1200 BCE: Palestine is absorbed by the Egyptian Empire, flourishes in trade.
1276 BCE: Philistines arrive in Palestine and settle on coast.
1250 BCE - 1200 BCE: General upheaval in the region, possibly caused by Israelite conquest under General Joshua.
1080 BCE: Rise of the kingdom of Israel.
1080 BCE: Kingdom of Israel is founded in Palestine.
1000 BCE: David captures Jerusalem.
931 BCE: Kingdom of Israel splits in two after death of Solomon; Kingdom of Judah founded.
722 BCE: Palestine invaded by Assyrian Empire; Kingdom of Israel destroyed and Kingdom of Judah subjugated.
598 BCE - 582 BCE: Babylonians invade Palestine; Kingdom of Judah destroyed, region subjugated.
539 BCE: Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon; Palestine claimed by the Persian Empire. .
334 BCE: Alexander the Great conquers the Persian Empire and claims Palestine.
168 BCE: Maccabean Revolt frees Palestine from foreign rule and allows for rise of Hasmonean Dynasty.
63 BCE: Palestine taken by Rome.
66 CE - 136 CE: The Jewish-Roman Wars; Rebellion in Palestine is crushed and citizens deported.
634 CE: Muslim armies invade and conquer Palestine.
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