Visual Timeline: Hittite

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1700 BCE: The Hittites invade the region of the Hatti and begin a systematic campaign against them. The great city of Hattusa is sacked and destroyed.
1650 BCE: Under the Hittite Warrior-King Hattusili, campaigns are carried to completion subjugating the Hatti. Hattusa is re-built as the Hittite capital. The Hatti are assimilated into the Hittite culture.
1600 BCE - 800 BCE: Aleppo is under Hittite control.
1595 BCE: King Mursilis of the Hittites sacks Babylon. Begin of Babylonian "dark ages."
1595 BCE: Hittites under Mursilli I sack Babylon, ending Amorite rule.
1380 BCE: First instances of iron working in the Hittite Empire.
1380 BCE: Hittite capital, Hattusa, burned to the ground by Kaska invaders.
1350 BCE - 1250 BCE: The Hittite Empire is at its peak.
1344 BCE - 1322 BCE: King Suppiluliuma I of the Hittites sacks the Mitanni capital Washukanni and installs Artatama II as vassal king.
1321 BCE: Western Mittani is conquered by the Hittites.
1320 BCE: The Hittite king Musili II attacks the Hayasa-Azzi confederation.
1285 BCE: Peak of Hittite power.
1274 BCE: Battle of Kadesh between Pharaoh Ramesses II of Egypt and King Muwatalli II of the Hittites.
1258 BCE: First Peace Treaty in the world signed between Ramesses II of Egypt and Hattusili III of the Hittites.
1245 BCE: Battle of Nihriya: Tukulti-Ninurta I of Assyria defeats Tudahalija IV of the Hittites.
1200 BCE: Phrygians invade Anatolia and destroy the Hittite Empire.
1200 BCE: Lydia arises as a Neo-Hittite kingdom.
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