Visual Timeline: Caesarion

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69 BCE - 30 BCE: Life of Cleopatra VII of Egypt.
47 BCE: Birth of Cleopatra's son, named Caesarion; Caesar is said to be the father.
46 BCE: Cleopatra VII and her young son Caesarion visit Rome, residing in Julius Caesar's villa; Caesar dedicates a temple to Venus Genetrix with a controversial statue of Cleopatra as Isis-Venus within.
44 BCE: Julius Caesar is killed; Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV return to Egypt, where Ptolemy is soon killed and Caesarion recognized as king; first of a series of bad harvests.
37 BCE: Cleopatra VII and her son Caesarion meet Mark Antony in Antioch.
34 BCE: The Donations of Alexandria, an elaborate coronation ceremony in which Caesarion and Alexander Helios were named King of Kings and their mother Cleopatra VII was named Queen of Kings, took place in the Egyptian capital.
31 BCE: The Battle of Actium. Octavian defeats Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII.
30 BCE: After Octavian has declined to negotiate, Cleopatra reportedly commits suicide; Mark Antony stabs himself, only later finding Cleopatra still lives, and dies.
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