Visual Timeline: Vandals

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130 BCE: Vandals migrate from Scandinavia to Silesia.
77 CE: Vandals mention by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History.
98 CE: Vandals mentioned by Tacitus in his Germania.
166 CE: Vandals associated with Rome.
270 CE: Hostilities between Vandals and Rome.
271 CE: Vandals defeated by Aurelian.
277 CE - 278 CE: Vandals defeated by Probus.
330 CE: Vandals situated in Pannonia by Constantine.
406 CE: Vandals, Suevi, and Alans invade Gaul.
406 CE - 407 CE: Vandals invade Gaul.
420 CE: Vandals seize important ports of Hispania, battle Romans and Visigoths.
428 CE: Gaiseric becomes King of the Vandals.
429 CE: Vandals cross Spain to the Maghreb.
429 CE: Vandals overrun Caesarea.
429 CE: Gaiseric leads the Vandal invasion of Roman North Africa.
439 CE: Vandals take Carthage from the Western Roman Empire and make it their new capital.
442 CE: Treaty between Gaiseric and Valentinian III of Rome recognizing Vandal Kingdom of North Africa.
455 CE: Vandals sack Rome.
455 CE: Valentinian III assassinated; Gaiseric sacks Rome.
468 CE: Eastern and Western halves of Roman Empire unite against Vandals and are defeated.
478 CE: Death of Gaiseric.
478 CE - 484 CE: Reign of Huneric as King of the Vandals.
484 CE - 496 CE: Reign of Gunthamund.
496 CE - 523 CE: Reign of Thrasamund.
523 CE - 530 CE: Reign of Hilderic.
530 CE - 534 CE: Reign of Gelimer.
533 CE: Belisarius defeats the Persians to the east of the Byzantine Empire and the Vandals of Africa.
533 CE - 534 CE: The Vandal War launched by Emperor Justinian I, aimed a reconquering Africa from the Vandals.
533 CE: Invasion of North Africa by Roman Empire led by Belisarius.
533 CE: Vandals under Gelimer defeated at Battle of Ad Decium and Battle of Tricameron by Romans under Belisarius.
534 CE: Justinian of the Byzantine Empire conquers the Vandal kingdom in Africa.
534 CE: Gelimer, the last Vandal king, captured and brought to Constantinople; Vandals cease to exist as a political/cultural entity.
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