Visual Timeline: Spanish Treasure Fleets

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1510 CE: The Spanish found Nombre de Dios in Panama.
1519 CE: The Spanish found the city of Panama.
1519 CE: Veracruz, Mexico is founded by Hernán Cortés.
1520 CE - 1789 CE: Spanish treasure fleets transport the riches of the Americas to Spain.
1521 CE: The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan falls into the hands of Spanish forces led by Hernán Cortés.
1522 CE: Jean de Fleury (aka Florin) captures three Spanish treasure ships off Cape Vincent.
1530 CE: The first Spanish galleons come into operation.
1533 CE: Francisco Pizarro takes the Inca capital of Cuzco.
1555 CE: Captain-General Pedro Menendez de Avilés begins a system of large and escorted convoys for the Spanish treasure fleets.
1555 CE: The French privateer Jacques de Sores brutally attacks Havana.
1565 CE - 1815 CE: The Manila galleons each year take eastern trade goods from Manila to Acapulco (and return with American silver).
1572 CE - 1573 CE: Francis Drake explores Panama and seizes a Spanish silver mule train.
1579 CE: Francis Drake captures the Spanish treasure ship Nuestra Señora de la Concepción (aka Cacafuego).
1585 CE - 1587 CE: Sir Francis Drake attacks Spanish vessels and ports in the Spanish Main.
1587 CE: The English privateer Thomas Cavendish captures the Manila galleon Great Saint Anna (actually a carrack).
1595 CE: John Hawkins and Francis Drake lead an unsuccessful expedition against Spanish ships and settlements in Panama and the Caribbean.
1596 CE: Portobelo replaces Nombre de Dios as the chief Atlantic port in Panama.
1620 CE - 1697 CE: Buccaneers operate in the Caribbean and attack both ports and ships along the Spanish Main.
1622 CE: The Nuestra Señora de Atocha Spanish treasure ship is wrecked in a storm off the Florida Keys.
1628 CE: A Dutch force led by Admiral Hein captures the entire New Spain treasure fleet on its way to Havana.
1668 CE: A buccaneer force led by Henry Morgan attacks and captures Portobelo on the Spanish Main.
1671 CE: A buccaneer force led by Henry Morgan attacks and captures the port of Panama on the Spanish Main.
1681 CE: The Nuestra Señora de Encarnación Spanish treasure ship is wrecked in a storm off the coast of Panama.
1683 CE: Laurens De Graaf leads a buccaneer attack on Veracruz on the Spanish Main.
1697 CE: The conquest of the Maya Civilization completed by the Spanish conquistador Martín de Ursúa.
1697 CE: The last great buccaneer operation captures Cartagena on the Spanish Main.
1710 CE: The English privateer Woodes Rogers captures the Manila galleon Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación Disengaño.
1743 CE: The Manila galleon Covadonga is captured by a Brtiish naval fleet near Manila.
1762 CE: A British fleet commanded by Admiral Cornish captures the Spanish Manila galleon Santísima Trinidad.
1815 CE: The last Manila galleon, the San Fernando, arrives in Acapulco.
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