Visual Timeline: Slavs

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1500 BCE: Proto-Slavic people are active within an area that stretched roughly from western Poland to the Dnieper River in Belarus.
531 CE - 534 CE: Byzantine forces engaged in a series of military campaigns against the Slavs and other groups.
550 CE: The Slavs advance towards Thessalonica, entering the region of the Hebrus River and the Thracian coast. Thessalonica is saved by the Roman army.
580 CE: The Slavs and the Avars overwhelm Greece, Thrace and Thessaly.
585 CE: The Slavs march on to Constantinople, they are driven off by the Roman defence.
623 CE - 658 CE: Reign of Samo, first recorded king of the Slavs.
626 CE: A coalition of Persians, Slavs, Avars and Bulgars unsuccessfully lays siege to Constantinople.
631 CE: Samo defeats the Franks during the Battle of Wogastisburg.
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