Visual Timeline: Roger Williams

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1603 CE - 1683 CE: Life of Roger Williams, Puritan Separatist reformer and founder of Providence, Rhode Island.
1631 CE: Roger Williams arrives in Boston, Massachusetts, and almost instantly comes in conflict with authority there.
1631 CE: Roger Williams and his wife Mary move to Plymouth Colony where he becomes the settlement's preacher.
1633 CE: Roger Williams leaves Plymouth Colony due to differences in theology and practice.
1634 CE - 1636 CE: Roger Williams in conflict with magistrates of Massachusetts Bay Colony; banished in 1636 CE.
1636 CE: Roger Williams establishes the colony of Providence Plantation (later known as Providence, Rhode Island).
1643 CE: Roger Williams writes his 'A Key into the Language of America'; first book on Native American language and customs.
1644 CE: Roger Williams writes his famous book 'The Bloody Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience', arguing for separation of church and state.
1655 CE: Roger Williams writes his 'Letter to the Town of Providence', encouraging liberal theology and the separation of church and state.
1683 CE: Roger Williams dies of natural causes at Providence, Rhode Island; is buried on his property.
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