Visual Timeline: Rochester Castle

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1066 CE: A Norman motte and bailey castle is built at Rochester.
1087 CE - 1089 CE: Construction of the first stone version of Rochester Castle in England.
1088 CE: Rebels, led by Odo of Bayeux, are defeated and Rochester Castle is besieged and taken by William II of England.
1097 CE: Death of Odo, Bishop of Bayeux and also the Earl of Kent.
1127 CE - 1136 CE: The tower keep is built at Rochester Castle, England.
1127 CE: Rochester Castle is granted to the bishops of Rochester in perpetuity by Henry I of England.
1172 CE: Henry II of England spends 100 pounds improving Rochester Castle.
1206 CE: King John spends 115 pounds improving Rochester Castle.
1215 CE: King John successfully besieges Rochester Castle, then held by rebel barons.
1216 CE: Prince Louis of France briefly captures Rochester Castle.
1225 CE: The moat of Rochester Castle is extended and deepened, enclosing the rise called Boley Hill.
1233 CE: A drum tower is added to the circuit walls of Rochester Castle.
1264 CE: Royalists in support of Henry III of England defend Rochester Castle against an unsuccessful rebel siege.
1367 CE - 1370 CE: King Edward III of England begins a massive rebuilding project at Rochester Castle.
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