Visual Timeline: Portuguese Brazil

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1500 CE: The Portuguese mariner Pedro Álvares Cabral lands in Brazil.
1502 CE: The Portuguese establish the first trading station (feitoria) in Brazil north of Rio de Janeiro.
1511 CE: The name Brazil first appears on maps.
1511 CE: The Portuguese mariners João de Lisboa and Estêvão Froes explore the coast of Brazil.
1532 CE: The first Portuguese settlement in Brazil is founded at São Vicente.
1533 CE - 1539 CE: The first sugar plantations are established in Portuguese Brazil at Pernambuco, Sâo Vicente and Rio.
1549 CE: Brazil is made a Crown colony of the Portuguese empire.
1567 CE: The French colony of France Antarctique in Guanabara Bay, Brazil is taken over by the Portuguese.
1570 CE: The Portuguese Crown prohibits Amerindians in Portuguese Brazil being taken as slaves.
1572 CE: The Portuguese Crown establishes a viceroy in Portuguese Brazil.
1624 CE: The Dutch capture Salvador in Portuguese Brazil.
1630 CE: The Dutch capture Olinda and Recife in Portuguese Brazil.
1632 CE: The Dutch capture Pernambuco in Portuguese Brazil.
1648 CE: A military froce from Portuguese Brazil recaptures Luanda, the capital of Portuguese Angola, from Dutch control.
1654 CE: Portuguese Brazil regains control of those parts of the colony taken over by the Dutch.
1663 CE: A peace treaty is agreed between Portugal and the Netherlands regarding Portuguese Brazil.
1711 CE: French forces briefly take over Rio de Janeiro in Portuguese Brazil.
1755 CE: Amerindians in Portuguese Brazil are recognised as full and free subjects of the Portuguese Crown.
1763 CE: Rio de Janeiro is made sole capital of Portuguese Brazil.
1808 CE: Fearing for its safety, the Portuguese monarchy relocates to Portuguese Brazil.
1822 CE: Brazil declares independence form Portugal.
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