Visual Timeline: Portuguese Angola

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1571 CE: Foundation of the colony of Portuguese Angola.
1575 CE: The Crown appoints a governor of Portuguese Angola.
1576 CE: Luanda on the coast of Portuguese Angola is founded. It will be the capital and a major hub of the Atlantic slave trade.
1621 CE: The Portuguese, with help from the Jaga, force the king of Ndongo to flee his kingdom in Portuguese Angola.
1641 CE: A Dutch force takes over Luanda, capital of Portuguese Angola.
1648 CE: A military froce from Portuguese Brazil recaptures Luanda, the capital of Portuguese Angola, from Dutch control.
1665 CE: An alliance of Angolan tribes and the Portuguese defeat the Kingdom of Kongo at the Battle of Mbwila.
1670 CE: A Portuguese force is defeated by the Kingdom of Kongo at Soyo.
1676 CE: The first bishop is appointed at Luanda, capital of Portuguese Angola.
1683 CE: A peace treaty is agreed between the Portuguese and the Matamba kingdom in Portuguese Angola. This ends the Angolan Wars.
1853 CE: Brazil porhibits the importation of slaves, ending the slave trade from Portuguese Angola.
1902 CE - 1915 CE: A series of rebellions within Portuguese Angola are put down.
1951 CE: Angola becomes an Overseas Province of Portugal.
1975 CE: Angola gains independence from Portugal.
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