Visual Timeline: Leo VI

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870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE 910 CE  
870 CE: Byzantine emperor Basil I crowns his son Leo co-emperor (future Leo VI).
886 CE: Byzantine emperor Basil I is (probably) murdered by his son and successor Leo VI.
886 CE - 912 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Leo VI.
894 CE: Symeon, Tsar of the Bulgars, invades Thrace, then Byzantine territory.
898 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo VI marries Zoe Zautsina, his second marriage.
900 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo VI marries Eudokia Vaiana, his third marriage.
902 CE: Byzantine Taormina on Sicily falls to Arab attacks.
904 CE: Leo of Tripoli leads an Arab force which sacks Byzantine Thessaloniki and Abydos.
905 CE: A Byzantine army sacks Arab-held Tarsus.
906 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo VI marries Zoe Karvounopsina, his fourth marriage.
906 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo VI has his son, the future Constantine VII, baptised.
907 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo VI dismisses the Patriarch of Constantinople, Nicholas I Mystikos.
907 CE: Oleg, Prince of Kiev, attacks the Byzantine capital Constantinople.
912 CE: A Byzantine fleet is destroyed by an Arab force off the coast of Chios.
912 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo VI dies.
870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE