Visual Timeline: Kingdom of West Francia

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450 CE - 751 CE: Merovingian Dynasty in Francia.
458 CE - 481 CE: Reign of Childeric I establishes Frank presence; region known as Francia.
511 CE: Francia is divided into four regions.
588 CE: Francia is consolidated into three regions.
635 CE - 714 CE: Reign of Pepin of Herstal.
718 CE - 741 CE: Reign of Charles Martel.
751 CE - 768 CE: Reign of Pepin the Short, founder of Carolingian Dynasty.
800 CE - 814 CE: Reign of Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor.
814 CE - 840 CE: Reign of Louis the Pious.
840 CE - 843 CE: Civil war breaks out between sons of Louis the Pious.
841 CE: Viking chief Asgeir raids West Francia.
843 CE: Treaty of Verdun ends civil war; establishes East Francia, Middle Francia, West Francia.
843 CE - 987 CE: The Kingdom of West Francia.
843 CE - 877 CE: Reign of Charles the Bald in the Kingdom of West Francia.
845 CE: Viking chief Ragnar Lothbrok raids Paris.
851 CE - 852 CE: Asgeir returns to raid region of West Francia.
854 CE - 858 CE: Viking raids on West Francia allegedly led by Bjorn Ironside and Hastein (although this attribution is more likely legendary rather than historical).
876 CE: Viking raids involving Rollo.
877 CE - 879 CE: Reign of Louis the Stammerer in the Kingdom of West Francia.
879 CE - 884 CE: Reign of Carloman II of West Francia in the Kingdom of West Francia.
882 CE: Odo of West Francia is made Count of Paris.
885 CE - 886 CE: Viking siege of Paris. Odo of West Francia successfully defends the city.
888 CE - 898 CE: Reign of King Odo of France.
893 CE - 923 CE: Reign of Charles the Simple in Kingdom of West Francia.
893 CE - 898 CE: Odo, King of West Francia, defends his reign against supporters of Charles the Simple.
907 CE: Charles the Simple marries Freduruna of Lotharingia; further involvement in Kingdom of Lotharingia's affairs.
907 CE - 917 CE: Freduruna's relative Hagano becomes Charles the Simple' nearly exclusive counselor.
911 CE: Treaty of Saint Clair sur Epte between Charles the Simple and Rollo; establishes Normandy, ends Viking raids on the Seine.
919 CE: Marriage of Charles the Simple to Eadgifu of Wessex.
920 CE: Birth of Charles the Simple's and Eadgifu's son Louis (later Louis IV of France).
922 CE - 923 CE: Reign of Robert I of France.
923 CE: Battle of Soissons between forces of Charles the Simple and Robert I; Robert's forces victorious.
923 CE - 929 CE: Charles the Simple is imprisoned.
923 CE - 936 CE: Reign of Rudolph of France.
929 CE: Death of Charles the Simple, King of West Francia.
936 CE - 954 CE: Reign of Louis IV of France.
954 CE - 986 CE: Reign of Lothair of France.
986 CE - 987 CE: Reign of Louis V of France.
987 CE - 996 CE: Reign of Hugh Capet; unites Francia, founds Kingdom of France.
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