Visual Timeline: King Egbert of Wessex

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770 CE 780 CE 790 CE 800 CE 810 CE 820 CE 830 CE  
770 CE - 839 CE: Life of Egbert of Wessex.
776 CE: Kingdom of Kent defeats Mercia in battle.
784 CE - 785 CE: Reign of Eahlmund of Kent, Egbert's probable father.
785 CE - 802 CE: Mercia dominates Kent; rules through client kings.
786 CE: Beorhtric becomes king of Wessex with Mercian support; Egbert in exile in Francia.
786 CE - 802 CE: Beorhtric reigns as King of Wessex.
802 CE - 839 CE: Reign of Egbert, King of Wessex.
802 CE: Egbert becomes king of Wessex; probable support from Charlemagne of Francia.
815 CE - 820 CE: Egbert of Wessex campaigns in Dumnonia; conquers region.
825 CE: The Battle of Ellandun; Wessex defeats Mercia.
826 CE: Baldred of Kent, client king, deposed by Egbert; Egbert rules Kent with his son Aethelwulf as client king.
827 CE: Egbert of Wessex conquers Mercia.
828 CE: Egbert of Wessex conquers North Wales.
829 CE: Kingdom of Northumbria submits to Wessex.
829 CE: Egbert exiles Wiglaf of Mercia; rules Mercia directly.
830 CE: Wiglaf regains throne of Mercia; asserts Mercian autonomy.
836 CE: Egbert of Wessex loses battle with Viking Danes at Charmouth.
838 CE: Battle of Hingston Down;Egbert of Wessex defeats Dumnonia-Viking army.
839 CE: Egbert of Wessex dies; succeeded by son Aethelwulf.
770 CE 780 CE 790 CE 800 CE 810 CE 820 CE 830 CE