Visual Timeline: Harlech Castle

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1272 CE - 1307 CE: Reign of Edward I of England.
1283 CE - 1330 CE: Harlech Castle in Wales is built by Edward I of England.
1290 CE - 1293 CE: Master James of Saint Georges is constable of Harlech Castle in Wales.
1294 CE - 1295 CE: Harlech Castle is twice attacked by the Welsh rebel leader Madog ap Llywelyn.
1323 CE - 1324 CE: Two rectangular towers are added to the entrance bridge of Harlech Castle.
1404 CE: The Welsh rebel leader Owain Glyn Dwr captures Harlech Castle.
1409 CE: A royal army led by the Prince of Wales, future King Henry V of England, recaptures Harlech Castle in Wales.
1418 CE: A new fortified entrance bridge is added to Harlech Castle in Wales.
1461 CE - 1468 CE: Harlech Castle in Wales is besieged by a Yorkist army during the Wars of the Roses.
1468 CE: Harlech Castle in Wales finally surrenders to the Yorkists during the Wars of the Roses. The resistance of the Lancastrian garrison is commemorated in the popular song 'Men of Harlech'.
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