Visual Timeline: Fifth Crusade

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1200 CE 1210 CE 1220 CE 1230 CE  
1200 CE - 1218 CE: Sayef al-Din al-Adil, the brother of the late Saladin, rules as Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt.
1215 CE: Pope Innocent III calls for the Fifth Crusade.
1217 CE - 1221 CE: The Fifth Crusade is formed to attack Muslim-held cities in North Africa and Egypt. It is not particularly successful.
1218 CE - 1238 CE: Reign of al-Kamil, Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt.
1218 CE: The army of the Fifth Crusade arrives in Egypt.
1218 CE - 1219 CE: Damietta in Egypt is attacked and conquered after a long siege during the Fifth Crusade.
1221 CE: After a failed attack on the Sultan of Egypt's army at Mansourah, hit by floods from the river Nile and with another two Muslim armies blocking their escape, the army of the Fifth Crusade surrenders.
1221 CE: The Fifth Crusaders surrender Damietta.
1200 CE 1210 CE 1220 CE 1230 CE