Visual Timeline: Esarhaddon

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690 BCE 680 BCE 670 BCE  
685 BCE: Ashurbanipal is born to King Esarhaddon and Queen Ashur-Hamat.
683 BCE: Sennacherib chooses Zakutu's son, Esarhaddon, as his successor.
681 BCE - 669 BCE: Reign of Esarhaddon who expands the empire.
680 BCE: Esarhaddon decrees restoration of Babylon.
676 BCE: Esarhaddon defeats the Cimmerians.
673 BCE: Esarhaddon defeats Urartu, secures borders of his empire.
673 BCE: First Egyptian Campaign, Assyrians are defeated and retreat.
671 BCE: Second Egyptian Campaign, Assyrian army successfully captures Memphis and conquers Egypt.
670 BCE: Esarhaddon chooses his son Ashurbanipal as heir to the throne.
669 BCE: Esarhaddon dies en route to Egypt to fortify his rule there.
690 BCE 680 BCE