Visual Timeline: Ennin

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790 CE 800 CE 810 CE 820 CE 830 CE 840 CE 850 CE 860 CE  
793 CE - 864 CE: Life of Ennin, the Buddhist scholar-monk and abbot of Enryakuji, who brought many esoteric teachings from China to Japan.
808 CE: Ennin joins the monastery of Enryakuji, Japan.
838 CE - 847 CE: Japanese Tendai Buddhist monk Ennin studies esoteric Buddhism in China.
849 CE: Ennin leads the first imperial-sponsored esoteric ritual at Enryakuji, Japan.
854 CE: Ennin becomes the abbot of Enryakuji, Heiankyo (Kyoto), Japan.
864 CE: The Buddhist monk Ennin is given the title Jikaku Daishi by the Japanese emperor, two years after his death.
790 CE 800 CE 810 CE 820 CE 830 CE 840 CE 850 CE