Visual Timeline: Beer

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5000 BCE: Godin Tepe settled.
3500 BCE - 3100 BCE: Beer brewed at Godin Tepe.
2250 BCE: Beer brewed in Egypt.
2150 BCE - 2000 BCE: Written form of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, which mentions beer.
2050 BCE: The Alulu Beer Receipt Tablet written at the city of Ur.
1800 BCE: Written form of the Hymn to Ninkasi, the goddess of beer.
1800 BCE: The Sumerian Hymn to Ninkasi, goddess of beer, written down.
1700 BCE: The Code of Hammurabi, with laws regulating beer, written at Babylon.
800 BCE: Beer brewed in Germany.
496 BCE - 406 BCE: Life of Greek playwright Sophocles, who suggests moderation in drinking beer.
56 CE - 117 CE: Life of the Roman writer Tacitus who mentions beer in his work.
179 CE: Beer brewed at the Roman outpost Casta Regina on the Danube.
331 CE - 363 CE: Life of the Roman Emperor Julian who wrote poem disparaging beer.
770 CE: King Charlemagne appoints brewers. Beer brewed in France.
1600 CE: The Finnish Saga of Kalevala written down from older sources. Describes creation of beer using hops.
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