Visual Timeline: Bardr mac Imair

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860 CE 870 CE 880 CE  
863 CE: Bardr mac Imair probably accompanies his father and uncles on raid of the tombs of the Boyne Valley, Ireland.
867 CE: Bardr mac Imair escapes ambush by the men of Connacht.
869 CE: Bardr mac Imair probably a member of Viking raiding party on Armagh with his father and uncle.
873 CE - 881 CE: Reign of the Viking Sea-King Bardr mac Imair in Dublin, Ireland.
873 CE: Bardr mac Imair succeeds his father Imair as King of Dublin.
873 CE: Bardr mac Imair leads a Viking fleet to plunder the tombs of Munster, Ireland. .
879 CE: Bardr mac Imair sacks Armagh.
881 CE: Bardr mac Imair dies after sacking the oratory of Saint Cianan; his death is interpreted as an act of God.
881 CE: Bardr mac Imair is succeeded by an unnamed king and then by his brother Sichfrith mac Imair who continues his policies.
860 CE 870 CE