Visual Timeline: Alexandra David-Neel

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1868 CE - 1969 CE: Life of adventurer, writer, mystic, and world traveler Alexandra David-Néel.
1888 CE - 1890 CE: Alexandra David-Néel embraces theosophy, Buddhism, and Stoicism.
1891 CE: Alexandra David-Néel's first journey to India.
1895 CE: Alexandra David-Néel is an opera singer in Indochina (Vietnam).
1904 CE: Alexandra David-Néel marries Philip Néel.
1911 CE: Alexandra David-Néel leaves for the East alone.
1914 CE: Alexandra David-Néel meets Aphur Yongden, her adopted son and traveling companion.
1914 CE - 1917 CE: Alexandra David-Néel lives with Yongden in the Himalayas.
1917 CE: Alexandra David-Néel and Yongden explore Japan and Korea.
1918 CE - 1920 CE: Alexandra David-Néel and Yongden live at Kumbum Monastery, China, translating texts.
1923 CE - 1924 CE: Alexandra David-Néel and Yongden travel to Lhasa, Tibet; she becomes first European woman to enter Lhasa.
1925 CE: Alexandra David-Néel returns to France with Yongden.
1927 CE: Alexandra David-Néel publishes her famous My Journey to Lhasa.
1928 CE - 1936 CE: Alexandra David-Néel and Yongden live at Digne, France where she continues to write.
1937 CE - 1946 CE: Alexandra David-Néel and Yongden return to the east and live in China.
1946 CE: Alexandra David-Néel returns to France.
1955 CE: Alexandra David-Néel's adopted son Yongden dies.
1959 CE: Marie-Madeleine Peyronnet becomes Alexandra David-Néel's housekeeper and companion.
1968 CE: World leaders, authors, and others celebrate Alexandra David-Néel's 100th birthday.
1969 CE: Alexandra David-Néel dies of natural causes at her home in Digne, France.
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